Merry Christmas to everyone!  Since that phrase is being slowly phased out and frowned upon, I thought I would totally go ahead and say it.  At least it’s not as weird as half the stuff that comes out of my mouth, which either makes people laugh, completely shocks them, or just pisses ’em off.  And speaking of being weird, I’d like to quote from the current Scientific American magazine which states that “highly creative people often seem weirder than the rest of us”. 

Me and "Weeds"

In this article, researchers reported that both creativity and eccentricity may be the result of genetic variations that increase the brain’s failure to filter out extraneous information.  As if I needed an excuse.

The holidays are full of ups and downs, and often a difficult time for people.  I was in the grocery store surrounded by tons of Christmas decorations and candy and tinsel, and found myself thinking of my childhood and then I got all teary eyed and started to cry in the produce section and THEN I saw a neighbor so I had to pretend I was totally happy and only suffering from allergies and I nearly burst from having to hold it all inside until I could get into my car and explode in tears (re-read paragraph above).


"Yes Sir, That's My Baby" 30"x30" oil

On the art front, I recently completed this painting of my steer Maverick with his mother when he was a baby.  And here’s another mother and baby pair entitled “Oh Deer”, a 30″x30″ acrylic.  It’s a good time of year for the “mother and child” theme.


It’s been a good year. Currently I’m in the middle of painting several dog commissions.  I’m very honored and blessed that my customers have all been thrilled, and I love painting them.  


"Weeds" on his first Christmas

Our Texas Longhorns are all doing great, so I guess I’m pretty lucky.  Albeit a bit weird.


Happy Trails and Happy Holidays,

~ Sandra